Shoreline development | Bessaker

Location: Bessaker, Norway
Program: Fishing resort with a visitor centre 
Buildings: 1250 m2
Year: 2012
Architects: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Konradas Žakauskas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Jurga Marcinauskaitė, Jelena Liutvinienė

The program for the new development is based on the fishing tourism and includes residential units, Fishing museum and other attraction facilities such as floating sauna and watching tower. The design concept suggest a modern interpretation of a traditional fishing village along the bay with houses on poles facing the sea. This type of construction also allows to build on a very scarce plot of land which was originally a sloping rock. Using explosives the area has been reshaped to get a narrow flat area for a road extending along the coastline. The street with the tourism centre at the end is passing by the houses and a newly made pier. The pier would be formed using the rocks remaining after the making of the flat surface for the street. The design of the living units and recreational buildings take over the shapes of traditional Norwegian architecture while the detailing is modern and minimalist in style. The traditional natural wood is applied next to the contemporary stone plates and steel frames. 

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