Vis-à-Vis | Lavangen

Location: Lavangen, Troms county, Norway
Program: Holiday houses
Plot area: 10 800  m
Buildings: Approx. 1400 m 
Year: 2013
Architects: Vytas Buinevičius, Konradas Žakauskas.

Å is a village in the municipality of Lavangen in Troms county. The project area there, on top of the hill is currently being developed into a small settlement with holiday houses vis-à-vis to the beautiful fjord. Groups of houses spreading along the side of the hill are a part of the local landscape. Large and small buildings form homesteads and hamlets all sharing views over the fjord. That is the genetic code of the place.

The new development is like a new hamlet which blends in the existing context. Houses are arranged so that they respect each other’s privacy and everyone could enjoy the view of the fjord. Therefore the houses on both sides of the street are shifted from each other that the ones more up the hill would have the gap in front open. There are 3 types of houses suggesting a scope of sizes: Small, Medium, Large. The larger ones are more flexible in their plan as they can have more than one apartment inside with possibility to connect them together in one big house for a large family or a group of friends if needed.