Regeneration of the fishing resort | Lauvsnes

Location: Lauvsnes, Flatanger municipality, Norway
Program: New building for the visitor centre, refurbishment of the public space, renovation of the restaurant
Territory: 7000 m2
Buildings: Visitor centre – 700 m2; renovation of the restaurant – 500 m2; terrace extension – 850 m2
Year: 2014
Architects: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Konradas Žakauskas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Vytas Buinevičius

The recreational fishing complex in Lauvsnes is a successful place attracting international guests and weekend visitors from allover the Flatanger region. The ambition however is to expand the diversity of activities and services as well as to enhance quality of buildings and public space. The new visitor centre is going to put Lauvsnes on the map as one of the key locations in the region and beyond. Next to the already successful restaurant Zanzibar Inn with residences for the fishing tourism nearby the new centre is expected to become a regional landmark and a place for conferences, exhibitions and tours offering to explore the wildlife of the sea birds Lauvsnes is famous for.

The refurbished and extended terrace along the bay will connect the restaurant, hostel houses and the new visitor centre. The area west of the bay, right on the tip of the cape is one of the few locations suitable for new construction within the site. It is also a great place for a landmark. With its modest footprint of 13 X 13 meters the new visitor centre will have 4 floors. The new building is like a mini-tower in comparison to the low-rise surroundings which signifies its public function and allows access to the great panoramic views around the area.