Visitor Centre + Hotel | Lauvsnes

Location: Lauvsnes, Flatanger municipality, Norway
Title:  Visitor Centre & Hotel 
Program: exhibition space, conference, 8 hotel rooms 
Design phase: preliminary design
Size: 400 m2
Year: 2016
Architects: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Vytas Buinevičius

The previous design studies for the Visitor Centre clearly showed that this special location with this new public function requires a unique sculptural clear-cut object. The building has to be different but not dissonant with its surroundings. Moreover, in order to fit within the budget limitations it also has to be simple to build. A modern cube shaped building made of traditional wooden framework structures with wooden facade is an attractive and feasible way to realize the program making the best use of this location. Even though the building looks modern and monumental the physical structure of it mostly employs traditional construction principles. The concrete plate on the poles will create a stable foundation and the whole structure on top of it will be made of a timber frame elements.

The 1st level hosts the main public function in a compact plan with the exhibition space, flexible conference/cinema/exhibition space, office and required utilitar spaces. The 2nd and the 3rd levels have 4 hotel rooms each. All the 8 rooms are slightly diferent and have large full-height windows to an open landscape on 3 sides of the cape. There are 4 luxury rooms facing the fjord, all of them have saunas with large windows. Two of the luxury rooms also have outside terraces.



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