Zanzibar Inn Exterior Renovation | Lauvsnes

Location: Lauvsnes, Flatager municipality, Norway
Program: Renovation of the restaurant building
Building: 468 m2
Year: 2015
Architects: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Vytas Buinevičius

The restaurant Zanzibar Inn is famous for its nice atmosphere, live blues music, and fresh fish. It is a part of the fishing resort complex with houses for accommodation and boat rentals. As the whole complex is expanding to fit in a new Sea Eagle Visitor Centre and other facilities, the restaurant becomes one of the main entrances to the complex and thus has to become more representative. 

The renovation of the restaurant is rather simple and rational. The main entrance is transformed to become more recognizable, open and spacious. The whole facade on the street side is turned from the “backside” to the “front side” hiding all the service entrances. There is a new entrance made at the side of the building, so that the restaurant hall could be accessed directly, independently from the main reception and conference hall. The biggest transformation, however, is on the waterfront side, where the whole facade is rebuilt to make larger windows with more entrances to the terrace. A new winter garden is built on the terrace to make it possible to enjoy the waterfront even in the stormy weather.