Zanzibar Inn Interior Renovation | Lauvsnes

Location: Lavangen, Norway
Program: fish restaurant
Construction: 200 m2
Year: 2015
Architects: Laimis Valančiunas, Konradas Žakauskas

With the new Sea Eagle Visitor Centre to be built nearby, the restaurant Zanzibar Inn is also transforming its exterior and interior. The main entrance leads to the reception hall, from where there are entrances to the conference hall and the restaurant & bar area. Reception is separated form the restaurant and bar area by a glass wall. It has a lounge area with a small fireplace. With the new entrance the restaurant & bar can function independently from the rest of the building. There are two main areas. One is dedicated to the bar, which is more of a passing-by zone with seats at the bar and high bar tables. The other area is meant for the restaurant. Here are three types of seatings and tables and a small lounge in the corner with a fireplace. The interior elements, colours and materials sends a subtle message, a hint of Portuguese, Persian and African cultures from the distant Tanzanian islands.